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IX Winter Meeting of Ukrainian Association of Neurosurgeons

Updated: Jan 26

Dear Esteemed Colleagues, It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I extend my heartfelt invitation to all esteemed neurosurgeons and specialists in related specialties across Ukraine and our foreign colleagues to join us at the forthcoming 9 th Ukrainian Winter Neurosurgical Meeting, which will be held in Polianytsia village in Hotel Gasthaus from 10 to 12 of March, 2024.This year`s event promises to be an exceptional gathering, where minds dedicated to the advancement of neurosurgery will convene amidst the picturesque winter landscape. This meeting aims to foster a platform for collaborative learning, innovative discussions, and the exchange of groundbreaking insights within our specialized field.We are preparing a meticulously curated program that encompasses a rich tapestry of keynote lectures, engaging workshops, and interactive sessions delivered by some of the most distinguished figures in neurosurgery. Moreover, the opportunity to network and forge lasting connections with peers who share a passion for advancing neurological carewill be a central highlight of this event.In addition to professional communication, the mountain winter atmosphere will be an ideal background for relaxation, rejuvenation and making plans for the future.I invite you to join us to take advantage of this unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge, expand cooperation with colleagues, and enjoy both the excellence of scientific achievements and the beauty of the Carpathians. Together, let us embark on a journey that amalgamates scholarly pursuits with the joys of camaraderie amidst the enchanting winter landscape. Warm regards, Oleksandr Voznyak President of Ukrainian Association of Neurosurgeons

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