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EANS2023 Barcelona

Оновлено: 16 серп. 2023 р.

Dear colleagues and friends,

We would like to welcome you all to Barcelona for the EANS2023 Annual Congress. This will take place during 24th and 28th of September, which coincides with the finale of Barcelona’s local festivities.

It will be our great honour and privilege to host you in what is probably one of the most fantastic cities in Europe and the world.

The congress will be themed “Neurosurgery and Technology at the service of Humanity”. We are designing a program based on technological advances and how these can be effectively utilised in order to support healthcare in Low-and Middle-Income Countries. Global neurosurgery is high on the EANS agenda and we are committed to playing our role, complementing international initiatives to help patients and colleagues in countries with less fortunate circumstances. The program will involve a special symposium which will bring together several of the key stakeholders in the field of global neurosurgery, aiming at creating the foundations for synergy and cooperation towards our common goal.

Barcelona will provide everyone the opportunity to enjoy the culture of the city, the gastronomy, and its renowned architecture. With daily after congress interactions with local historians, tourist guides, and sommeliers, we can’t wait to share with you our latest discoveries of the city, and hope to make your excursions unique, memorable, and indeed a great experience for everyone.

Barcelona and EANS are looking forward to welcoming you to our 2023 Congress.

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